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Moving to Florida? Keep These Things in Mind

It is not unusual to find people who daydream about moving to Florida. Whether it is after college or following retirement, there are many who migrate to the Sunshine State. No one has to ask why so many choose this destination. Florida has beautiful weather, amazing scenery and a diverse population that contributes to its eclectic culture. Since the housing market is the most important factor to many who are anticipating a move, here is ...

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My experiences with Aunt Flo

I have wished some horrible things to some people. But there is something that I would never wish on any man and that is for them to have a menstrual cycle. I can't tell you how it feels, but I can tell you that it completely takes over that person. It changes them into an emotional worry machine.

I love pizza and my love for pizza rivals my body's love for oxygen. ...

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Be Someone's Best Last Friend

Volunteers are an essential part of the GENTIVA Hospice team, providing invaluable support and help to terminally-ill patients and families. As a hospice volunteer, you can't help but see life through new eyes.

We are looking for special people who will volunteer 1-2 hours each week. Volunteers receive full training and become part of a team dedicated to the exceptional care of exceptional people. The life you change might be your own. ...

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The Most Common Career Path for Georgia Teachers

Teaching is one of the most rewarding career paths that you can pursue. As an educator, you have a hand in shaping the minds of those people who will go on to do many incredible things.

Like with any other career, being a successful teacher requires you to seek substantial professional growth; in order to discern the best way to grow as a teacher, you should understand the framework of what most ...

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How to Deal with an Unruly Employee

Employees are very valuable resources in any organization. Because of this fact, employers should try as much as possible to ensure that the needs of each employee are met. Some employees however, may have unruly behavior, consequently making it hard for others to work in the organization.

In these instances, the behavior must be addressed immediately before it persists and causes greater damage to the productivity of other employees. Some employers may ...

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