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Is there a dentist out there that will pull a tooth?

I am on a fixed income and have very little money. I am hoping someone can help me and pull this tooth before it start hurting. When you are on a fixed income you just can not pull money out of the air even though you wish you could. so please please find it in your heart to help me please.

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Winterizing and Weather Proofing Cars

The extremes of weather can affect your automobile just as much as they can affect you. Winter can result in your car's fluids thickening beyond usage while summer can destroy your vehicle's paint and interior. Both extremes can take a significant toll on your tires, battery, and engine. To top things off, you and any other passengers must deal with the temperature inside of the car.

While solutions such as a carport ...

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Free Career & Resume Building Seminar

Georgia CALLS is excited to partner with Loving Won By One for an event focused on assisting everyone in the community with creating professional resumes, learning about email communication for job hunting, and interview training.

The event will take place on June 18th, from 9:00am – 11:00am, at the Georgia CALLS campus. There will be activities for the whole family. Children's activities will include be face painting, crafts, and games. Breakfast will ...

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How to Recognize a Failing Hard Drive

How to Recognize a Failing Hard Drive

If a computer were a human being, then the hard drive would be its brain. The hard drive is a mechanical device that stores all of a computer’s data, such as documents, music and your wedding photos. Just like severe brain damage can lead to the loss of memory amongst other things, a complete hard drive failure can lead to the potential permanent loss of ...

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Exit 14 & Martin Road

We are opposed to the new diamond interchange Exit 14 off of I-985! It would be the only exit on I-985 that does not exit onto a main highway; in fact, it will exit into a residential area and create a need for an additional 42 million tax dollars to widen Martin Road.
Martin Road is a residential area with five housing developments, private homes, two churches, one school and a few businesses. Exit ...

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