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Slow and steady wins the race

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By Jessica Jordan

If you wish you were here in Washington to be able to experience this moment in history for yourself, let this nugget of truth console you: Wait for it, wait for it, ok, still waiting for it... Yeah, that's what it's like being here.

Wait for a ticket to get onto the metro train, wait for the metro train, wait for a seat on the metro train. Oh dang, I took the wrong train. Wait for the right stop to get off and get back on the blue line, but in the other direction. Then when you get to where you're going you're greeted by a long line of cold people who are trying their damnedest not to look look uglier than they ever have in their life while sporting winter wear they never wear.

But don't get me wrong. 

Despite the crowded bathrooms, sidewalks and metros and the occasional outfit that incites a guteral reaction, everyone's been so kind, patient and extremely intelligent. My mom says the only excuse for being unfashionable is weather under 50 degrees. I think this counts, so I've let them (and myself) off the hook.

It's true that I've met many of the types of people I expected to meet, like flannel-wearing gray-bearded dudes who said they traded in Grateful Dead show type touring for touring alongside the Obama campaign last year. And then I met Stan from L.A. on the metro this afternoon. The kind-eyed fifty-something year old well dressed black man oozed contentment with where the nation's headed. He gave off that good-person glow.

And then there was the overwhelming sense of love that pervaded the RFK Stadium today as literally hundreds of thousands of Americans, good-hearted Americans, spent the day going through security and waiting in line to contribute something good to this troubled nation through community service projects.

Man, for a little while there I felt like I was the only one who cared about anybody else. But now I know that's not true. America's got so much love, and after years of war and finger pointing, which will likely continue under the new administration for some time, we're starting to show it. 

Even though I missed the "We are One" concert yesterday (which is why you haven't heard about it from me yet - I don't want to talk about it) due to my newspaper-focused absentmindedness, a stroll through downtown D.C. today revealed a startling picture: it seems America is uniting under the leadership of Barack Obama. Never before have I seen people pick each others' gloves up from the sidewalk and chase the owner down the street to return it to the near frost-bitten hand that needs it.

And it's millions of people like these who are no joke, old as the hills or barely out of elementary school, who have swarmed the capital city between stately monuments jutting out of the landscape. 

I can't wait to wake up in four hours and see this show get on the road. 


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