Winterizing and Weather Proofing Cars

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The extremes of weather can affect your automobile just as much as they can affect you. Winter can result in your car's fluids thickening beyond usage while summer can destroy your vehicle's paint and interior. Both extremes can take a significant toll on your tires, battery, and engine. To top things off, you and any other passengers must deal with the temperature inside of the car.

While solutions such as a carport or garage can theoretically help protect your vehicle against certain conditions, more precise measures should be taken to ensure your car's well-being throughout each season properly.

Cooling Your Vehicle During the Summer

If you lack foliage, a garage, carport, or another structure that can provide shade for your car, you may want to consider purchasing a car cover. In the summer, natural sunlight can erode your vehicle's paint job. Inside the vehicle, sunlight can cause significant wear on the upholstery, and it can also make your car feel like an oven when you get inside. Car covers also benefit your car by protecting it from other natural occurrences while it is parked — debris from wind, light hail, even bird droppings.

A car bra is a more simplistic and stylish form of car cover that protects only a portion of the hood, fender, and bumper. These can also be useful in certain atmospheres for protecting the front of your car from the same conditions that a full-sized car cover could. A car bra wouldn't have to be removed while driving, unlike a car cover. However, leaving a car bra on for an extended period could leave your vehicle with a build-up of moisture or road debris beneath the bra, potentially resulting once again in paint damage.

Another effective method for keeping the inside of your vehicle cool during the summer would be window tinting. Tinted windows have the potential to make your vehicle look sleek. They will also protect the inside of your vehicle from sun erosion. The temperature inside will be lower, and provide passengers with a far greater sun protection factor than a bottle of your store's strongest sunscreen.

Efficiently Winterizing Your Vehicle

Perhaps the most common winter problem that car owners would like to avoid is their vehicle's battery freezing. While this can be difficult to avoid completely, there are certain steps that can be taken to improve the battery's durability. A mechanic should check to make sure your battery is connected and operating to its maximum efficiency, this way its charges are always fruitful. You should also consider investing in a battery charger and charging your battery prior to an exceptionally cold night or wintery storm. If your battery still manages to die after the worst of the cold is over, you'll still have the charger to get it working again.

Purchasing thinner motor oil during the colder months is essential. The cold weather will cause the oil to become more viscous, heavily complicating your engine's performance. (Likewise, you'll want to purchase heavier motor oil during the summer.) For liquids such as gasoline and washer fluid, you'll want to make sure you never have such a low intake that they outright freeze.

Paint protection can prove highly useful in the winter months since storms tend to be more cutting. Freezing rain and hail won't damage your paint; neither will any debris that gets kicked up by winter's tremendous winds. Paint protection retains its utility throughout the summer, too, as summer winds will kick up drier debris, and the sun's heat and brightness will eat away at your paint.

In both winter and summer, your tires will require close monitoring. Tire pressure decreases with temperature; treads can wear thin in extreme conditions. Getting your tires checked regularly can help ensure your safety on the road, while measures as simple as using protective wipes can prolong the lifespan of your tires.

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