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We are opposed to the new diamond interchange Exit 14 off of I-985! It would be the only exit on I-985 that does not exit onto a main highway; in fact, it will exit into a residential area and create a need for an additional 42 million tax dollars to widen Martin Road.
Martin Road is a residential area with five housing developments, private homes, two churches, one school and a few businesses. Exit 14 will create problems for the state and Martin Road residents. Residents do not want or need a main throughway through their neighborhood with trucks and heavy traffic! The state will have to find an additional 42 million to widen Martin Road.
We are proposing a new suggestion. We suggest revising the plan and to construct an exit on the north side of I-985 only. Of course, there would be “on & off ramps” on the north side of I-985. An “on ramp” and a single lane overpass from the north lane of I-985 to HF Reed Industrial Pkwy would eliminate the need for an exit onto Martin Road. It would also eliminate the need for an additional 42 million and reduce the cost of Exit 14. The whole project seems to be designed to develop commercial property and expand the City of Oakwood’s tax base; our suggestion would resolve the cities’ problem on the north side of I-985 and our problem on the south side.
Government has approved 36 million for a project that we believe is not needed; we already have Exits 12, 16 and 17. Exits 16 and 17 already provide access to highways 53, 13 and the Chestnut Mountain area. We all know that there is a great need in our area; that is the desperate need to widen Spout Springs Road. We believe that the 36 million should be shifted to the Spout Spring Road project, where it is desperately needed and wanted! We suggest that the Exit 14 project be halted and the funds moved to the Spout Springs Road widening project; or, that the Exit 14 project is revised to exit only on the north side of I-985.
If Exit 14 cannot be halted or revised; one can only imagine what Martin Road will be like when all the new traffic is poured onto our already busy country road. Most disturbing is that fact that the GDOT now plans to construct Exit 14 and open it BEFORE widening Martin Road. This means that it may be years before Martin Road can be widened AFTERr Exit 14 is opened. In my letter of March 24th, we suggest implementing an extension of the project so that the two projects (Exit 14 & Martin Rd) could be done at the same time; as suggested by Mr. Charles Robinson, GDOT Project Manager for Exit 14.

We remind you that Martin Road is only a one mile long residential country road with five housing subdivisions, two churches, one school, the Hall County Mulberry Community Center on JW Turk Road, many private homes and several businesses including CVS and NE Georgia Physician’s office building. The subdivisions are Quailwood, Grandview, Laurel Oaks, Martin’s Crossing West, and Martin’s Crossing East. A new development at Martin Road and Falcon Parkway is probable in the near future. We do not understand why our government is willing to allow this to happen to the citizens of the Martin Road Area. Frankly, it will ruin our two-lane country road and our quiet residential neighborhoods and waste state funds.
We are asking the GDOT, GHMPO, the Hall County Commissioners and all elected officials to STOP Exit 14 or revise the plan as we have suggested.
Please help us to find a way to resolve this situation now, while we can be helped and before I-985 Exit 14 is constructed and opens. We would like to hear your suggestions and thoughts on this matter; we must find a way to resolve this situation.

Brad Farrow
Martin Road First Association
P.O. Box 7513
Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502
Phone: 770-402-6745
Email: martinroadfirst@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Martin-Road-Association
Google BLOG: https://www.blogger.com/profile/05562735673154750166

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icecreamman16 commented on Sunday, Apr 10, 2016 at 23:00 PM

As a resident living off Martin rd, I am opposed to exit 14! 46 million should be spent on more pressing needs. 985 will have 4 exits in 5 miles, which seems like overkill at a great expense!Martin rd should be widened first if Oakwood is going to not consider the residents affected by all this congestion and that is an additional 42 million of taxpayer money. Exit 12 should be good enough to connect Thurmond tanner to HF Reed. We do not want Martin rd being an industrial cut through!

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