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In reference to the article "Passion for Pets"

Regarding the 6/9/15 article by Times reporter Amanda Head- While I have a great deal of admiration for Mrs. Reynolds and her efforts to foster and rehome unwanted animals here in Hall County, I was quite upset by the misinformation she gave regarding the Animal Shelter. While I understand that your reporter meant to say that it was the Humane Society of NE GA that did not take in pits or pit-mixes, she entered a ...

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GHS Athletic Director

The decision on the GHS Athletic Director should be made by the high school principal. This position is not a system wide one. GHSA requirements indicate that a school, particularly with the number of sports that GHS has, must have a full time AD. Whether you like Vickery or not, he has led GHS to excellent results and community wide support. There will always be those that have personal issues with an individual, but did ...

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The Greek Life At UGA - Alive And Well in 2015

Their origins date back more than 200 years. They began as secret societies with members were bonded by oaths of secrecy, handshakes, badges, and a shared commitment to one another.

Over the years, they have grown in numbers, establishing themselves in every state in the United States but none have compared to UGA. Their members carry on the traditions of those who came before them. They still recruit some of the sharpest ...

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Who Has Time to Read?

In the often maniacal, busy working world, who honestly has the time to read the books we know we should read. Those great texts that boost your business knowledge and know-how?

So what about skipping sleep?

No good. You can stay up for seven nights a week plowing your way through business books, but on the off chance that you manage to retain any of that knowledge – how ...

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Moving to Florida? Keep These Things in Mind

It is not unusual to find people who daydream about moving to Florida. Whether it is after college or following retirement, there are many who migrate to the Sunshine State. No one has to ask why so many choose this destination. Florida has beautiful weather, amazing scenery and a diverse population that contributes to its eclectic culture. Since the housing market is the most important factor to many who are anticipating a move, here is ...

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