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Oldest Team Sport in North America

I wonder why it seems like the Gainesville Times only seems to actively cover the "Glamor" Sports of Football, Basketball, Baseball/Softball and Soccer? I realize that many people in Northeast Georgia might not know this fact, but the oldest team sport in North America (and North Georgia) is making a strong comeback in North Georgia.
What is this sport, that very few seem to know about, but is making a strong return, you ask? ...

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Hospital cuts employee benefits

There's a Times story at about the medical center cutting employee benefits. Specifically, they are cutting about 14 employees and closing the daycare center.

My issue is how the changes hurt employees at a time when the hospital is spending on expansion in South Hall with $200 million in bond guarantees from Hall County taxpayers. And, on financial numbers being published on the web.

So who failed to plan ...

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Last comment by Michael_Parker 7 months ago
Obstructing justice

I’ve been thinking about the Times photographer arrested for obstruction. The story seems pretty simple.

The photographer had every right to do his reporting job and keep the public informed. The police had every right to investigate the scene, protect the evidence, and preserve the dignity of the decreased.

Things went wrong when these rights seemingly conflicted. Here’s how to resolve the current situation.
Drop the charges against ...

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Marker for Cooper Pants Factory

The city is working on developing a way to take public donations for this marker. The marker has been approved for the location.

I don't know what it will say. I don't know when we will be able to make a small donation.

The city will pay about $2,500 for the marker with a $2,500 matching grant.

When the city is set up for donations, people ...

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My career as a cover artist

Who knew I used to write some lyrics for Crazy Al?

Hopefully no one since I didn't.

Any wanna admit to remember Crazy Al?

I've been working on lyrics for a Georgia based song. Just in case our Governor Deal happens to break the law. Ops! I meant get punished for breaking the law or having a secret PAC.

Sing it to the ...

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